Jon Cruddas om Labour

Jag har tidigare skrivit att jag är en ”Cruddasite” när det gäller Labour. Och om man man läser Jon Cruddas debattartikel om Labours framtid i Guardian är det nog lätt att förstå vad jag menar. Det är i kretsen kring Compass som partiets framtid ligger, om det ska ha någon.

”We have to rediscover our idealism and our belief in our founding values – equality, justice, democracy, freedom. Socialism once gave us passion and hope and we need to draw on its intellectual resources and remake it for this new time and for new generations. …

The prospects for a more egalitarian social democracy are arguably better now than they were in 1997. Whoever wins the next election, there will be no re-run of the neoliberal economics of the 1980s and 90s. Three decades of economic restructuring have been brought to an end by recession. The frenzied period of financial speculation and profiteering is over. Neoliberalism has done its work and its creative destruction is now undermining capitalism itself. It has become structurally unsustainable. …

Labour now has an historic opportunity to seize the political high ground. The era of selfish individualism is on the wane. The electorate is increasingly concerned with social insurance, safeguarding living standards and ensuring social stability and ecological sustainability. From stranded holidaymakers to pension holders, to those falling ill, they are discovering that these collective goods are in dangerously short supply. The future will demand a more active and democratic state engaging with economic development and regulation. The redistribution of wealth and resources will be essential in rebalancing a dysfunctional economy.”


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