Cruddas och folkbanken

I Guardian argumenterar den brittiska parlamentarikern Jon Cruddas för att regeringen ska omvandla det brittiska postverket, Royal Mail och dess postkontor till en statlig folkbank. Cruddas är en av de mest klarsynta socialdemokratiska politikerna i Europa idag. Vi måste komma förbi den borgerliga hegemonin om ”närande” och ”tärande” och förstå att det är den hegemonin som står bakom den krissituation som vi ser i världen idag.

”The days of private good and public bad are over. The credibility of the banking and finance industry has crumbled before our eyes. But state intervention in the form of credit and regulation alone will not turn the crisis around. For the long term, we have to furnish crucial areas of public interest with publicly accountable, state-owned institutions. The first test of whether the government gets this is about to come. …

”A People’s Bank, based on the Post Office and its network of 14,500 branches, would provide the public service which the banking system has failed to deliver. Britain created the first postal savings bank in 1861, and by the early 20th century many other nations had followed suit. The core idea is simple: use the one state institution that can be found in most neighbourhoods and rural areas – the post office – to encourage small savings and a habit of thrift. …

Of course, public institutions must be run prudently, they should be modernised and be responsive and accountable to us as citizens. But public services also create wealth – small and medium-sized businesses rely heavily on the Post Office – and they are motors for local economic resilience.”


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