Om att hitta tillbaka till socialdemokratins framtid

I Guardian skriver den brittiske labourpolitikern Jon Cruddas (tillsammans med redaktören Jonathan Rutherford) ännu en artikel om behovet av att hitta tillbaka till en socialdemokratisk politik. Tänk om åtminstone en svensk socialdemokratisk riksdagsledamot vågade göra som Cruddas och öppna munnen och säga att kejsaren är naken.

”The stakes are high. Who will pay for this recession – capital or labour? The Labour party must reinvent itself for this battle. It did so in the 1990s; it can do so again by reconnecting to its traditional constituencies and creating new cross-class alliances. There are no easy solutions, but the goal is simple: a fundamental transfer of wealth and power back to the people. This will help stop the deflationary spiral and lay the foundations for a more just, sustainable and equal society in the future. …

The relationship between market and state is being redrawn. Nowhere is this more needed than in housing. This is where the battle lines are being drawn up. The left must create a democratic and accountable state capable of strategic intervention in the domestic economy and creating global alliances. A new settlement means a progressive tax system, a restructured financial economy and a Green New Deal. Ahead lie the perils of global warming and peak oil. But now let us give homes to people, and with them the hope of a better life.”



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