Latinamerikas tre vänstrar

Ett lästips från senaste numret av den amerikanska socialdemokratiska tidskriften Dissent. Ignacio Walker, tidigare utrikesminister i Chile skriver om Latinamerikas tre typer av vänster (populism, marxism och socialdemokrati). Framförallt skriver han om populismens olika ansikten under det senaste seklet. Och det är kanske där som hans artikel är intressant, även om han till viss del presenterar den som ett försvar för en socialdemokratisk vänster i Latinamerika.

”Although I have been critical of neopopulism, I don’t want to lose sight of its roots. In fact, one could say that populism is not the real problem in Latin America; the real problem is the persistence of poverty and inequality and the decomposition of traditional political institutions and elites. Above all, what we have learned in our recent and not-so-recent history is that there are no short cuts on the path toward development and democracy, and populism is precisely, almost by definition, a short cut: the promise of immediate satisfaction of social demands. …

A less visible, less strident, and less heroic, but perhaps more successful way forward is opening in Latin America. The program of the new social democratic left seeks to move ahead simultaneously in the direction of political democracy, economic growth, and social equity. It represents a nonpopulist response to the neoliberal economic politics of the 1990s. This path may be less epic than the others that have been tried in the waves of authoritarianism and democracy that have characterized the political history of Latin America, and it may be a long and sometimes tortuous one, but at least it guarantees that it will be the people, democratic citizens, through deliberation, negotiation, compromise, and consensus-building, who will have the final say in the public realm.”


2 responses to “Latinamerikas tre vänstrar

  • Eva

    Hade ingen aning om att det fanns socialdemokrati i USA.
    Populism som short cut och (som barn) sökande efter omedelbar tillfredsställelse – lägger jag på minnet liksom tidningen Dissent.

  • fredrik

    Som idétradition finns socialdemokratin i USA. Som politiskt parti av egen kraft inte så mycket.


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