Jon Cruddas i New Statesman

Ett lästips från New Statesman om min brittiska favoritpolitiker, parlamentsledamoten Jon Cruddas.

”‘When you ask me about running for the leadership, for me that’s just a sterile debate,’ he says, gripping his mug of tea. ‘What we are doing in Dagenham is the front line of politics. We are building a new coalition at the grass roots – churches, the voluntary sector, civil society, anti-racist pressure groups. We are trying to put together a progressive campaign capable of taking on the BNP without retreating to the right.’

‘British politics has been based for so long on the idea that this is fundamentally a conservative country. I don’t believe that’s true, and I want to prove it.’ In other words, perhaps Cruddas is more ambitious than he is given credit for: his objective is not simply to change the person at the top of the Labour Party but to forge a new kind of party from the bottom up, based on a very different political consensus. ‘Labour is going to have to become much more pluralistic. In 2009 there can be no more command and control.'”

Jag har tidigare skrivit om Jon Cruddas.



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