Om att riva cirkustältet

John Hilary från War on Want skriver intressant med bakgrund av Compass konferens ”No Turning Back” om behovet av att skapa nya rörelseallianser.

”… a genuine desire to move beyond factionalism and build alliances across the progressive left is surely welcome. [Green Party leader Caroline] Lucas summed up the shift nicely in her image that we need to move beyond Labour’s ”big tent” to a campsite with lots of different tents co-existing side by side. A new pluralism based on an acceptance of difference, not a demand for consensus.

The Put People First coalition assembled at the beginning of this year was one attempt to build such a movement from within civil society. All major trade unions, environmental groups and global justice organisations joined forces under a banner of ”jobs, justice and climate” in preparation for the G20 summit in London at the beginning of April. We need to build momentum behind such alliances, and we need to broaden them by reaching out to party activists and parliamentarians who have traditionally stayed aloof from movement politics.”



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