Vänstra foten fram

Ett tips om en ny spännande blogg. Brittiska Left Foot Forward är en progressiv, ”evidensbaserad” blogg som analyserar politikens innehåll, snarare än politikens skvaller. Left Foot Forward

… are fighting for:

1.    A proactive and sustainable economic policy that creates jobs, pulls Britain out of recession and towards a low-carbon and more equitable future.

2.    Public services that work for, and are accountable to, local people and leave no one behind.

3.    Safe communities where poverty and inequality are tackled, and the victims of crime are put first.

4.    A multilateral foreign policy to tackle climate change, poverty, nuclear proliferation, genocide, terrorism, and disease.

… are fighting against:

1.    Public greed and attempts by politicians and public servants to line their own pockets.

2.    Administrative incompetence whether it takes place at the national, regional, or local level.

3.    Media manipulation and bias to support a hidden agenda.

4.    The threat of racism and extremism.

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