Dagens citat: Om familjepolitik

”The idea of the everlasting couple is at the centre of every conversation about society. Certainly where children are involved, the one point on which every party would agree is how to shore up the parental partnership. Tories insist that it can be done with marriage. Their favourite statistic is that one in three unmarried couples who are parents will split up before their child’s third birthday. I always think that sounds about right. Most relationships in one’s twenties – relationships that aren’t the Big Relationship – last about three years. The only difference between these ‘problem’ broken families and the supposedly upstanding middle classes, who deferred the gratification of children for university, is we spent our twenties getting drunk. It’s hardly a moral position.”

Zoe Williams, ”Kate Winslet’s breakup isn’t part of broken society, is it?” i The Guardian 17 mars 2010.


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