Den ensamma morsans manifest

J.K Rowling, författare till böckerna om Harry Potter, har skrivit en fantastiskt ideologisk text i The Times om varför hon – trots sina enorma inkomster – inte röstar på högern eller har valt att bosätta sig i ett skatteparadis. Historien om Rowlings är välkänd, innan hon fick den första boken om Harry Potter publicerad var hon som arbetslös och ensamstående mamma periodvis beroende av välfärdssamhällets skyddsnät.

”Nobody who has ever experienced the reality of poverty could say ‘it’s not the money, it’s the message’. When your flat has been broken into, and you cannot afford a locksmith, it is the money. When you are two pence short of a tin of baked beans, and your child is hungry, it is the money. When you find yourself contemplating shoplifting to get nappies, it is the money. If Mr Cameron’s only practical advice to women living in poverty, the sole carers of their children, is ‘get married, and we’ll give you £150’, he reveals himself to be completely ignorant of their true situation.


Child poverty remains a shameful problem in this country, but it will never be solved by throwing millions of pounds of tax breaks at couples who have no children at all. David Cameron tells us that the Conservatives have changed, that they are no longer the ‘nasty party’, that he wants the UK to be ‘one of the most family-friendly nations in Europe’, but I, for one, am not buying it. He has repackaged a policy that made desperate lives worse when his party was last in power, and is trying to sell it as something new. I’ve never voted Tory before … and they keep on reminding me why.”


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