Dagens citat: Utan tryck, ingenting

”The disillusionment with Obama on the Left proceeds from what can only be characterized as a disappointed messianic expectation. Looking to great men alone to transform the world is bound to lead to disappointment. It is pressure from below that produces significant change. It was the civil rights movement that inspired the civil rights legislation during the Johnson administration. The actions of the Roosevelt administration cannot be understood without considering the pressure put upon it by the labor movement; the same holds for the effect of the abolitionist movement on the Lincoln administration. Obama lacks their advantages. Without a strong and effective labor movement, there is little pressure on Congress to address adequately the problems of unemployment and low wages. Such is the temper of contemporary American politics that populist anger has a conservative inflection, despite the fact that among its targets are Wall Street and the big banks.”

Eugene Goodheart, ”Obama On and Off Base” i Dissent (Summer 2010).

Uppdatering: Läs även ”Grassroots Pressure—And New Polls—Show New Path for Dems” i In These Times.


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